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Core consulting:

  • Stock assessment
  • Bio-economic appraisals
  • Development of fisheries databases

Companies and associations we have worked with:

  • The West Coast Rock Lobster Sea Management Association (South Africa)
  • The South Coast Rock Lobster Association (South Africa)
  • The Deep Sea Trawling Industry Association (South Africa)
  • The South-East Trawl Fishing Association, Australia
  • The Great Australian Bight Trawl Association, Australia
  • The Australian Fisheries Management Authority, Canberra, Australia
  • Consortium of Midwater Horse Mackerel Trawlers, South Africa.
  • The BCLME – Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem – involvement as a quantitative advisor to a project investigating the status of the artesanal fisheries sector in Namibia, project headed by the Environmental Evaluation Unit, University of Cape Town.
  • The South African Squid Management Industry Association.
  • Various private organisations in the fishing industry (South Africa).
  • The FAO (International Study of the Relationship between Safety at Sea and Fisheries Management Practices. A case study on the South African West Coast rock lobster fishery based on data supplied by the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA), November 2008).
  • The South African Patagonian Toothfish Industry Association (SAPTIA).
  • The West Australian Zone C Rock Lobster Association.
  • The Marine Stewardship Council, Southern Africa.
  • Oceana, Washington D.C. USA
  • The African Union Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources.
  • The National Fisheries Authority, Papua New Guinea.