OLSPS Marine is a fisheries unit specializing in Electronic Logbook Solutions and Fisheries Management for the commercial fishing sector. The unit consists of two divisions that provide consulting, evaluations, software, and services for numerous fisheries around the world, mainly in Europe, the USA, Australia, and Southern Africa.

Our Electronic Logbook division has developed a sophisticated, affordable, multi-level software tool for the recording and reporting of ALL marine and vessel-based data. The software solutions are highly customizable ensuring it suits the needs of various fishing sectors and addresses the specific needs of our clients. Our Fisheries Management division is dedicated to the implementation of sophisticated quantitative tools in fisheries science and management using a highly critical and pragmatic approach.



OLSPS Marine are looking for distribution partners for its’ Olrac Electronic Logbook technology. Looking for a partners which are already offering services and/or products to the marine industry.

OLSPS Marine already has existing partners in Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA. Currently looking for partners in Canada, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, and potentially other countries.

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